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What is it like riding in a hot air balloon in Las Vegas?

Hot air balloons ascend at a very slow and gentle climb into the sky. Surprisingly, even our passengers who have a fear of heights have enjoyed the quiet and peaceful sensations of flying in a hot air balloon.

What time are the hot air balloon flights?

You will meet your pilot at our office about 2 hours before sunrise. Because the exact time of sunrise is different every day, we’ve attached a quick link below. Go to our handy sunrise chart and find the month and day you’d like to experience a balloon ride. Our exact meet up time will also be provided on the flight status phone line the evening before your flight. But don’t worry, we know you’re busy having fun, we’ll also send you an email reminder.

Las Vegas Sunrise Chart

Where will the hot air balloon land?

A hot air balloon flight is dependent on wind speed and direction, which varies with altitude. Every flight is different and our landing sites vary from day to day. This is just one reason why we call ballooning the ultimate adventure. We know where we’re taking off from but we don’t know where we’re landing!

Can I use my phone or camera while flying in a hot air balloon? Is there network?

Absolutely you can take pictures! We encourage you to capture your adventure in the sky with either your phone or a camera. Panoramic settings on your camera are also a nice way to capture the Nevada scenery. There are lots of memories to photograph before, during and after your balloon ride. In addition, the cell network in the balloon is very strong.

We welcome you to post your adventure live on social media or when you get back home. If you post on social media we’d love to see the experience through your lens by using the hashtag: #vegasballoonrides

We strongly recommend you have a soft case, including a carry strap, to stow and protect your camera during the landing. Also, don’t forget extra memory cards and batteries

Is Vegas Balloon Rides insured?

Absolutely. We are insured by an American-owned, A+ rated insurance company.

How many people are in the balloon?

Our larger hot air balloons carry a maximum of 16 passengers plus the pilot. Our gondolas (baskets) have partitioned compartments for passenger comfort and safety. For private rides, we offer our smaller balloons that perfectly fit your group and a pilot.

What type of weather conditions are needed for hot air ballooning?

Hot air balloon passenger flights take place in stable winds of less than 10 knots (that’s about 11.5 mph), with no rain and no approaching storms within 100 miles. Flights also require visibility of at least three miles and weather ceilings of at least 3,000 feet. Our team includes highly trained weather specialists who are analyzing weather data everyday to ensure the most accurate forecast possible for your flight.

Is it cold in a hot air balloon?

No, the temperature on the ground is similar to the temperature in the air while on flight. Even though we lose a few degrees with the altitude, it is balanced by the sunrise and the fact you can’t feel the wind, as you are flying with the wind. The coldest moment of your adventure will be on the ground, right before take off. We encourage you to dress according to the weather outside that day.

Can anyone fly the balloon?

To fly a hot air balloon you must be an FAA certified Commercial balloon pilot. Exactly like fixed wing (airplane) pilots, balloon pilots go through extensive training including ground school, written exams and flight tests.

How fast do you fly in a hot air balloon?

The balloon travels the same speed as the wind. On an average flight we’re moving with the wind at about 5 mph and covering a distance of about 5 miles.

How long will we be in the air?

Depending on the weather and wind, you’ll be in the air for at least 45 minutes and sometimes longer than an hour. Please allow approximately 6 hours for your entire adventure, from the time we meet until the time we return to our meeting location. Up in the air we’ll be excited to show off great views of Death Valley, The Spring Mountains, and The Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Will I be able to use the bathroom?

There will be several opportunities before and after the balloon flight to use a restroom.

What happens if I don't want to use my balloon ride voucher?

All vouchers purchased directly from Vegas Balloon Rides that are prepaid in full, are also 100% refundable or transferable within one (1) year from the date of purchase as long as: either no flight has been scheduled, or you cancel your first scheduled flight at least 48 hours prior to flight time. If you wish to transfer your voucher to someone else, no problem, just make sure their health or ability is not restricted. Simply let us know who you have transferred the voucher to and we will adjust our records to allow the new passengers to schedule their flight on your ride voucher. We’re here to help with any questions you may have about this topic.

What happens if I don't fly on my scheduled day?

Will my voucher still be valid? As ballooning is weather dependent, we may have to cancel your flight if the conditions are not safe. If your flight is canceled, we invite you to call us and reschedule. Occasionally, a passenger will be canceled a few times before being able to fly. If you have tried a few times and have not been successful, don’t worry, vouchers purchased directly from Vegas Balloon Rides never expire. We are here to help answer your questions and reschedule until mother nature is in a good mood.

What can cause a flight cancellation?

At Vegas Balloon Rides, our top priority is the safety of our passengers, crew and equipment. While we love offering you a fun experience in the sky, unfortunately, sometimes flights must be canceled and rescheduled. Various factors can cause cancellations, everything from weather conditions to equipment issues. If your flight is canceled we will help you reschedule your adventure.

Just how big is that big hot air balloon?

It’s big! At Vegas Balloon Rides we fly balloons from 120,000 cubic ft to 330,000 cubic ft in size. THIS IS HUGE! (a basketball is about 1 cubic ft)

We typically carry 2 to 16 passengers, making it easy to accommodate families and groups. The large baskets allow for more comfort and space per person.

What medical condition would prevent me from going on a balloon ride?

All passengers flying must be good general physical health, including the following:

  • No one in your group can weigh more than 280lbs.
  • No one has had: hip, knee, or other lower extremity joints replaced within the past two years.
  • No one has osteoporosis, or any other brittle bone issue of any type.
  • No recent broken bones, no body braces, no walking boots, brace, cast or slings.
  • No one is pregnant or even thinks they might be pregnant.
  • No walkers or canes required for standing. There are no benches in the baskets, you will be standing the entire flight.
  • No children are under 6 years old.
  • Anyone under 18 years old is being accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Everyone can stand for one hour unaided.
  • Everyone can climb into and out of the basket without assistance. We can provide a small step stool if needed.
  • No one is deaf. Everyone must be able to hear instructions or have someone with them that can communicate the pilot’s instructions.
  • Everyone in the basket can understand basic English or has someone with them that can understand and communicate the pilot’s instructions.

What should I bring on my balloon flight?

Your entire adventure will last 6 hours. While we will celebrate with a complimentary champagne toast after your flight, we recommend you bring a small snack and sunscreen. Throughout your adventure the water’s on us! Remember, Las Vegas is a dessert, it’s easy to get dehydrated here (especially if you’ve had any alcohol).

What should I wear on my hot air balloon flight?

At Vegas Balloon Rides we want you to be comfortable on your balloon ride. We launch and land in the desert, so wearing closed-toed shoes, like boots or sneakers is the best idea. Taller passengers may want a hat as the heater above may make you warm. This is also a nice reminder that the coldest moment of your adventure will be on the ground before the flight and not during your balloon ride.

Do I need to tip?

Tipping is never expected but always appreciated. Our pilot and crew members share their tips. Tips may be offered in the form of: cash, casino chips (we are in Vegas after all), Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle or added to your credit card invoice.

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